Launching the InfraMappa Podcast!

Published On: February 29th, 2024

Today we’re excited to launch our podcast, Mapping Masters, with a first episode featuring Moufid Charafeddine, the CEO of InfraMappa.

Link to Episode #1:

In the Mapping Masters podcast, we’ll explore the complex world of physical infrastructure management. From underground utilities to aerial infrastructure and everything
in-between, we’ll interview leaders in facility management and operations and hear their day-to-day stories. Twice a month, our team of experts will discuss emerging trends and practical approaches for navigating the challenges of infrastructure management. We’ll include some crazy stories as well as the memorable moments, the funny moments, and of course, the challenging ones. 

Our first episode features a compelling conversation with Moufid Charafeddine, the CEO of Inframappa. Moufid’s journey with Inframappa began in 2017 when he assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), then ascending to the position of CEO in 2022. Before his tenure at Inframappa, Moufid established his presence throughout the tech industry by founding several global technology companies that provided business applications for electricity and telecommunications, as well as addressing and geolocation. He also designed Geographic Information System (GIS) software, machine learning algorithms, and decision support systems.

Moufid was an executive at companies building technology solutions based on Esri, Oracle, Sun, Microsoft and open source. These innovative projects changed the business models for a variety of municipalities, internet verticals, utilities, health and education establishments, hospitality, and financial institutions.

In this first episode, Moufid explains in detail what problems his team are solving at InfraMappa, and why he is so passionate about solving these challenges. How do you keep track of construction updates from one team to another? How can architects and engineers save time from going back and forth to the plan room and using confusing paper maps? How can facility teams collaborate in real time? How can universities, hospitals, and municipalities solve infrastructure issues as soon as they arise? Why is there no unified mapping system for water, electricity, ventilation, and all the critical parts of what makes our built environment? How can we become more proactive and detect potential break points in advance for these infrastructures? How can educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and municipalities avoid disruptions that cost them millions of dollars every year? 

InfraMappa can quickly and effectively provide solutions for all of these challenges. The software offers a user-friendly interface, which allows for quick installation and immediate use – getting started is a matter of days, not months.

InfraMappa is a dream come true for facilities and infrastructure management, unifying space and time together in a single app. Beyond its immediate benefits, the software provides a unique feature: users can traverse through time. InfraMappa not only displays all past interventions but also excels at proactively identifying potential future issues.

Mapping Masters is more than just a series of conversations; it’s an opportunity for infrastructure management professionals to engage with one another, share their most memorable moments, and learn actionable strategies from each other that can be implemented in daily operations. 

Join the conversation! Share your most memorable story by writing us or recording a short video or audio clip to [email protected].

Mapping Masters Podcast Series: 

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