InfraMappa at the ESRI Federal GIS Conference

Published On: February 22nd, 2024

We had a blast participating in the ESRI Federal GIS Conference! Held on February 13th and 14th in Washington D.C., this year’s conference was an exceptional platform for us to showcase our innovative infrastructure management solutions, and it offered a unique opportunity to connect with industry professionals, potential clients, and fellow innovators.

The ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.) Federal GIS Conference is renowned for its focus on how Geographic Information System (GIS) technology can address the world’s leading challenges. With thousands of attendees, including government officials, GIS professionals, and industry leaders, the conference was buzzing with discussions on the latest in geospatial technology, policy, and best practices. Our participation underscored our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve complex infrastructure management problems. InfraMappa is an official ESRI partner, as well as an OGC member and Overture Maps member.

At our booth, we had the opportunity to demonstrate our suite of SaaS and mobile solutions, designed by our team of engineers and computer scientists. We specialize in managing out-of-sight, out-of-mind utility and facilities infrastructure, which often leads to costly project overruns, delays, and unnecessary service interruptions. Our approach combines the latest in leveraging GIS data, location intelligence, imagery, augmented reality, and smart devices to provide comprehensive solutions for utility, facility, and infrastructure management​​.

At InfraMappa, we have a unique approach to AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality): we take GIS data to the next level by providing users with a totally immersive experience. With AR, InfraMappa allows users in the field to visualize superimposed layers of information coming from GIS data, to see through walls and floors. With VR, GIS data helps users navigate space and time inside a digital twin from the comfort of their office.

Throughout the conference, we engaged in meaningful conversations with over a hundred potential customers, sharing insights on how our solutions can streamline operations, reduce risks, and optimize performance. Our solutions are tailored for a wide array of sectors including government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare providers, townships and more, demonstrating our platform’s versatility and effectiveness in meeting diverse needs​​​​​​.

The response we got was incredibly positive. Many were excited by InfraMappa’s potential to change how they manage infrastructure. Our platform stood out for its easy-to-use interface and instant access to important data, making it simpler for everyone involved.

Reflecting on our success at the ESRI Federal GIS Conference, we’re proud to say that our engagement was not just about showcasing our products; it was about learning, sharing, and contributing to the future of geospatial technology. Our participation has opened new doors for collaboration and innovation, further cementing our place in the industry.

As we move forward, the insights and connections gained from the conference will be instrumental in shaping the future of GIS management. We remain dedicated to solving real-world problems with cutting-edge technology, driving the conversation about the future of infrastructure management, and ensuring our solutions continue to set industry standards.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, shared their challenges, and explored our solutions. Your enthusiasm and feedback are what drive us to keep innovating. We’re excited about the future and look forward to continuing our mission to make infrastructure management smarter, more efficient, and more transparent.

A growing number of universities, K-12 districts, healthcare providers and townships are joining InfraMappa every day. If you’re looking to get more from your GIS data or elevate your facility’s utility management, book a demo with us today! 


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