Santa Rosa Junior College

Published On: June 8th, 2022

When Santa Rosa Junior College was formed in 1918 amidst a world war and pandemic, it had no operating funds, used the local high school for classrooms, and borrowed books for teaching. Today, the college spans two campuses and several centers in surrounding Sonoma County. Many of the renovations and expansions are funded through grants.

Costly problems

Before implementing InfraMappa, Santa Rosa Junior College designed buildings using archived as-built information. Serafin Fernandez, Sr. Director, Capital Projects at Santa Rosa Junior College explains “During the construction process, we would always encounter some type of utility that was not identified in the as-builts that we had at hand.” Even a few feet of inaccuracy in mapped assets results in project delays, additional interruptions on campus, and wasted cap expenditure dollars.

The solution

InfraMappa smart mapping software eliminated the time-consuming investigative work from capital planning. According to Fernandez, in less than a year, “InfraMappa has allowed us to easily inventory all of our underground systems and tie them to those systems that they support at the individual buildings.” Moreover, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of Santa Rosa Community College continues full speed ahead—a feat that before InfraMappa would have been impossible.

“Before we had the system, the building was designed using the archived information … We discovered we were right on top of the high voltage line … It was very expensive for us to relocate the line and caused serious delays to the project.” – Serafin Fernandez, Sr. Director, Capital Projects at Santa Rosa Junior College

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