College of San Jose Evergreen

Published On: June 8th, 2022

San Jose Evergreen Community College District

Established in 1921, San Jose City College was the first community college in Santa Clara county. Now, it’s part of a larger system and has grown to include two campuses, an extension and a Center for Economic Mobility. San Jose Evergreen Community College District currently serves approximately 20,000 students each semester.

Communication problems

Before implementing InfraMappa, San Jose Evergreen Community College District relied on as-built drawings that were stored on hard drives. According to Associate Vice Chancellor of Plant Development and Operations, Terrance DeGray, “that could be thousands of pages of drawings and documents to pore through.” Institutional knowledge was “all in their [the operations team’s] minds, but not in one central repository.”

The solution

With InfraMappa smart mapping software, all drawings are in one place. DeGray says, “being able to share that information with our various team members from the college and district and our design-build team members is powerful stuff.” Despite social distancing restrictions in the spring and summer of 2020 during COVID-19, the software enabled the school to continue working on six large cap procurements, each $40 million or more.

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