College of Marin

Published On: June 8th, 2022

When the College of Marin opened its doors in 1926, there were 87 students enrolled. Today, it serves over 13,000 annually on two campuses. While the college campus continues to grow, the administrative services department is able to keep up by leveraging cutting-edge mapping technology.

Costly problems

According to Greg Nelson, Asst. Superintendent/ Vice President of Administrative Services for the College of Marin used blueprints to map campus infrastructure. He said, “because many assets weren’t mapped initially, we constantly ran into challenges.” Nelson explained that prior to using smart mapping software, the College of Marin experienced a major crisis when it demolished a building. Because they did not know how their infrastructure was connected, they unknowingly disconnected power to the campus, leading to a three-day closure of the college.

The solution

When embarking on a new capital construction plan to revitalize and rebuild the campus at both locations, Nelson stated his team would find assets that have been in the ground for 40, 50, and 60 years. Moreover, he understood many asset locations were unknown. After implementing InfraMappa, Nelson claims they “now have full visibility into [their] assets and experience less downtime for the maintenance team.” In addition, they have “better cost control over contractors, lower capital expenditures, and ultimately save taxpayer money.”

“InfraMappa benefits any organization from small to large. It would be difficult to find this level of functionality, that’s easy to use, to find assets and related documents in real-time.” – Greg Nelson, Asst. Superintendent/ Vice President of Administrative Services

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